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What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs are little portable gadgets that you use to unlock your automobile doors. Despite its small size, this little technology is both secure and efficient. 

Key fobs use RFID technology to provide keyless entry into automobiles and buildings alike. The key fob, invented in 1983 and now widely used, electronically unlocks or opens doors by using what is known as passive radio frequency identification. These electromagnetic waves exchange data and unlock doors, a crucial but frequently underappreciated role. 

Your key fob is a little remote control. An RFID chip and an antenna are housed therein. That chip connects with a separate RFID tag situated in a locking system through radio frequencies, transmitting preset, matching tag information.

When the key fob button is pressed, the RFID signal is transmitted to the relevant reader device. If the information from the key fob matches the information from the reader, the door designed to receive the information unlocks. 

Key fobs are versatile and customizable. 

The technology may be configured to perform several functions inside the tiny plastic casing of a key fob. 

A key fob may be used for more than just locking and unlocking doors. 

  • programmed to open the trunk or back hatch of a vehicle 

  • Set or turn on a car alarm. 

  • Remotely start a vehicle's engine 

  • Unlock a door to a home or business.

The Numerous Benefits of Key Fobs 

Key fobs are becoming an accepted part of everyday life. Long-lasting, dependable, and safe, a key fob may even be remotely disabled if it is ever misplaced. They're also simple to reprogram. 

The most crucial advantage of a key fob, however, is how quick and straightforward they are to use and access. We scarcely notice key fobs' effectiveness since they make unlocking a vehicle or any door equipped with an electronic locking system so straightforward. 

While many people use batteries, cell-like batteries are similar to watch batteries and last just as long.

Where Did Key Fobs Originate? 

Key fobs were formerly mainly ornamental trinkets used on key chains. However, the form of these little fobs was originally employed as remote keyless entry devices in the 1980s. They employed infrared waves instead of RFID technology at the time, however, this form of device was less secure and required a straight sightline to a lock to work effectively. 

Aside from Vehicle Entry Systems 

Key fobs, in addition to providing remote entry and several other tasks for a car, may be used to: 

  • Buildings can be locked or unlocked. 

  • Individual businesses or dwellings can be locked or unlocked. 

  • Common spaces can be locked or unlocked. 

  • Open the garage doors. 

  • Install home security systems

Furthermore, key fobs may execute all of these operations safely without the use of bulky physical keys. 

Key Fobs Are Safe 

In terms of security, key fobs now have a number of measures to prevent signal interception or duplication. They use sequence generators, which generate unique and random methods to broadcast a signal that locks or unlocks the device each time it is used. Additional security measures, such as retaining a permanent record of key fob use or permitting reprogramming for entrance authentication, can also be incorporated. 

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