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Your home is your safe place. It’s where you relax after a hard day at work. It’s where you enjoy time with your family and loved ones, it’s your little private part of the world. It’s important your home and your valuables are protected adequately and we’re here to do our part in making sure that happens for you.

House of Keys offers all residential locksmith services for your home. Home security technology has evolved in recent years, and homeowners have access to a variety of state-of-the-art security features like digital door locks, master key systems, and smart deadbolt locks.

Today’s locks offer a higher degree of security and convenience than ever before, keeping your household and belongings safe while boosting your home’s value.

Residential Services

Home Lockout

Getting locked out of your home is a frustrating, but common occurrence. Call us for quick, convenient, and affordable home lockout service. We are discreet and specialize in ultra-fast home lockout service that gets you access to your home again.

Lock Repair

High-quality locks are both strong and mechanically complex. And, when locks break, they require a professional lock repair service. When you need dependable lock repair service, turn to House of Keys Locksmith, which serves different areas in Texas.

Lock Changeout / Re-Keying

Change your locks and re-key them an easy, effective, and affordable way with help from House of Keys Locksmith. Call us to discuss your situation, so we can help you with the best solution to either change out the locks or rekey them.

Key Replacement

Have you lost your keys? Do you need an extra key? We can help you right now. We will service your key replacement needs quickly, effectively, and affordably.

Make the convenient and smart call for key replacement to House of Keys Locksmith.

Safe / Vault Repair

Modern safes and vaults offer a highly effective way to store and protect valuables for homeowners. If your safe or vault is broken or needs servicing or repair, it is an urgent situation to resolve the situation quickly and effectively. Call us today.

Key Extraction

Key extraction should be left to professionals in locksmithing. Don't make matters worse by attempting to retrieve a broken key and further damaging a lock.Let us help you with our well-known superior locksmith service. Call our quick mobile service.

Lock Installation

Gain total confidence and security in knowing the locks to your home have been professionally installed by the regional leaders in locksmithing and lock installation.Call the security experts at House of Keys Locksmiths for help today.

Key duplication / Cutting

Our professional locksmiths can either originate or duplicate any key, no matter what type, brand, or manufacturer of the lock set. From House of Keys Locksmith, we are experts in making your home as safe and secure as possible.

Safe / Vault Installation

Make your safe or vault even more convenient, secure, and effective with professional installation by the security products experts from House of Keys Locksmith. We can handle the installation of basic-security, high-security, and advanced electronic safes and vaults.

Security System Installation

A professionally installed security system can provide the most effective way to protect your home. Potential crimes can be prevented with the simple presence of a security system. We can make your home safe by installing your custom system security.

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