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Car Keys

We all have increasingly busy and stressful lives. It often feels like each day brings more responsibilities and expectation that leads to very busy brains.

It can happen to anyone, you rush to the car, unlock the trunk, throw the groceries in along with your key, and close. In a few seconds, you’ve just ruined an already tough day.

House of Keys Automotive locksmith services include emergency roadside automotive service, as well as, scheduled automotive appointments for all of your vehicle’s lock and key needs in all DFW, TX.

Getting locked out of your car is more common than you might expect. We all have moments when we find ourselves in sticky situations such as locking our keys inside the car. Thankfully, House of Keys automotive services are available immediately, every day of the year to service all your emergency and non-emergency automotive locksmith needs.

Automotive Services

Vehicle Lockout

Locked out of your car? We have the tools to cut a new key for you on the spot. With more modern systems, we can also ensure that only your new set of keys works with your vehicle just in case your old ones might have fallen into the wrong hands. We have 24/7 service for you!

Vehicle Key Cutting and Duplication

We cut and duplicate vehicle keys fast, effectively, and affordably. Our objective is your complete satisfaction with our perfect key-cutting and duplication services for vehicle owners. We can help you with any vehicle key cutting and duplication need.

Vehicle Key Extraction

If you’ve jammed, stuck, or broken a key in your vehicle, find help fast by calling House of Keys Locksmith. Our mobile locksmith technicians can extract a key from any vehicle make, model, manufacturer, or year. We provide 24/7 mobile locksmith and key extraction services.

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