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Lock Change or Rekey?

What Is the Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Locks?

Regardless of the changes in your life, everybody needs the peace of mind that comes from ensuring their house and assets are safe and secure. Although you may be tempted to replace your locks after relocating or losing a key, you may be surprised to hear that there is a simpler and less expensive way to improve protection. Rekeying your locks is a great alternative to replacing them, but what are the differences?

What Is the Mechanism of a Lock? 

The majority of key locks today use pin tumbler technology. When a key is placed into the lock, the ridges and notches on the key push these pins up, compressing springs and enabling the key to rotate. There are possibly millions of possible key combinations available depending on the number of pins and varied height locations. 

Lock Rekeying 

When a lock is rekeyed, the existing hardware is retained and the tumblers are realigned to suit the cut of a new key. Whilst rekeying a lock may appear straightforward on paper, it needs specific tools and considerable skill; wrongly rekeying a lock may cause harm to the mechanism, necessitating lock replacement. 

When Should You Rekey Your Locks? 

Rekeying assures that no one else has access to your house or company while avoiding the inconvenience and expense of replacing a lock. Rekeying locks is done for a variety of circumstances, including: 

  • Following the purchase of a new house 

  • Following a break-in 

  • When keys are misplaced or stolen 

  • Roommate swap 

Rekeying a lock ought to be your first line of protection because it is a simpler and less expensive approach than changing the lock entirely. Because it is not always advisable to rekey locks yourself, hiring a home locksmith is the best option to guarantee that your locks are rekeyed properly and that the locking mechanism is not damaged.

Replacement of a Lock 

If you want to replace your old locks, or if a lock has been broken in a break-in or from normal wear and tear, you may have to replace the complete lock. Changing a lock is more pricey and more demanding than merely rekeying it, therefore always speak with a security professional before changing a lock. 

House of Keys Locksmith Offers Residential Security Services 

House of Keys Locksmith can assist you if you need a DFW (Dallas - Fort Worth) locksmith to rekey or replace your house locks. We are pleased to offer cheap household rekeying services to the metroplex of DFW (Dallas - Fort Worth). Whether you require your locks rekeyed or replaced entirely, House of Keys Locksmith has the equipment and skills to get the job done.

House of Keys Locksmith is more than happy to help, Please contact our office at +1 (214) 225-3538 for any locksmith service you may need. 

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