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6 Features to Look for in a Smart Lock

Smart locks have quickly gained popularity. These locks today have powers that were unthinkable even a generation later, thanks to fast-increasing technology. However, not all smart locks are the same. Some producers are so focused on adding bells and whistles that they lose sight of the basic function of a lock, which is security. Others demand a premium for "smart" locks that do not use cutting-edge technology. Here's what you should look for.


As previously said, the first issue for any lock, whether standard or smart, should be security. Look for ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts that can handle a lot of pressure. Look for features that prevent lock bumping and picking. Furthermore, smart locks must have strong cybersecurity safeguards in place to reduce the possibility of hacking. If you are unfamiliar with the most recent authentication methods, consult with a professional locksmith who is familiar with smart locks rather than attempting to figure out the technological side by yourself.

Storage and battery life 

Smart locks, as opposed to ordinary locks, require battery power. What if yours runs out of power at an inopportune time? This problem is addressed differently by different smart locks. Some are designed to fit over your current lock, while others include a typical deadbolt as part of the set. When the battery power goes low, some enter a low-energy standby mode, prolonging the amount of time you have to do essential operations before it dies completely.

Remote Connection 

One of the most entertaining and helpful aspects of a smart lock is its capacity to communicate with you remotely. From hundreds of kilometers away, you may check if the door is locked and lock or open it as requested. While on holiday, you can monitor the lock and even activate it for anybody who needs to enter your house, such as your pet sitter or a friend who collects your letters. 

Considerations for the App 

Take note of the app your smart lock employs and what capabilities are accessible via the app. Better applications enable you to conduct diagnostics on the lock, view logs of who has used the lock and when, and quickly lock and unlock the lock from the app. 


A solid smart lock may work in tandem with your other home security systems, enabling you to virtually control and monitor your whole security system. If your smart lock is circumvented, it may activate your security camera to record a video while also activating your alarm and contacting the police. It is not always required to buy from a single brand, but it is critical to ensure that all of your security equipment, especially your smart lock, is compatible.

Control of Electronic Keys 

The finest smart locks allow you to generate separate electronic keys that grant access for a certain amount of time. When the timer runs out, the electronic key is disabled automatically. You can also actively override the system at any moment to cancel the electronic key. Your smart lock must also preserve a history of the electronic keys you produce, allowing you to know at a glance who has access to your property currently or previously.

Smart locks have gone a long way since their introduction, and their technology is still evolving at a quick pace. However, not all smart locks are created equal. Take the time to search around, speak with a competent locksmith who has expertise with smart locks, and get the lock that best matches your specific needs. 

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