6 Features to Look for in a Smart Lock

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What is a Key Fob?

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Lock Change or Rekey?

What Is the Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Locks? Regardless of the changes in your life, everybody needs the peace of mind that comes from ensuring their house and assets are safe and secure. Although you may be tempted to replace your locks after relocating or losing a key, you may be surprised to hear […]

Key Fob not Working?

When you can’t figure out what’s wrong, I recommend hiring a mobile locksmith to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for you.

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Lock Change

The best option is always to call a Locksmith for these kind of jobs. The safety of your family is important and shouldn’t be jeopardized. House of Keys Locksmith serves all DFW (Dallas – Fort Worth). Feel free to contact us and we will get your locks fixed, replaced or rekeyed the same day +1 (214) 225-3538. 

Can’t get into your safe?

When a safe refuses to open, it might be for a variety of reasons. But the aim remains constant. You must know what to do in order to regain access to your locked safe. There are many things that people do not understand about safes, but what you can do when you’re safe will not […]

Locked out of a Storage Unit?

What to do when locked out of a Storage unit? The first thing to do is to acknowledge the options you have. When you are locked out of your storage unit, how do you want to get back in? What is the quickest way? In a way that does not endanger the lock? The cheapest […]

Locked out of your house, apartment or office?

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