4 ways to fix your Key Fob

Is your automobile key fob broken? Don’t worry; there are several options for replacing a broken automobile key fob. Some methods may save you money on replacement components, while others may require no new parts at all. Let’s get to the bottom of why your car key fob isn’t functioning and discover a solution that works for you. 

The following are the most typical solutions for a car key fob that isn’t working: 

1. Change the batteries 

When a key fob fails to function, the simplest and cheapest remedy is to replace the batteries. This may not address the problem, but it is worth a shot as a preventative step. The most common cause of a car key fob not working is a dead battery. All you have to do is disassemble the shell, check at the battery for the component number, and then go to an auto parts store to get a new.

If your car key fob is not working, prohibiting you from driving your vehicle and therefore from purchasing new batteries, try asking a friend for a favor or using a ride-sharing service. And ideally, after you get the new batteries, this will fix your damaged key. 

When you replace the batteries in your key fob, it may be necessary to reset or reprogramme the device to the vehicle. We’ll go through this in further detail in the following section, but keep in mind that replacing the battery may not cure the problem. The fact that your key fob does not operate after replacing the battery does not necessarily imply that it is broken.


Older automobiles feature do-it-yourself remote programming processes, but practically all keyless ignition fobs will require specialized technology. The more complicated the remote, the more expensive it is to program a car key. Due to advanced security measures, you may encounter difficulties programming or even reprogramming your existing key fob if it is not working. 

To prevent thieves from recording automobile key signals and creating illegal remotes/fobs, key fobs for modern vehicles utilize various signal encryption technologies. This necessitates the use of proprietary equipment, which is only available to locksmiths and dealerships.

Be aware that if you don’t have a backup car key, the cost of car key duplication will most certainly rise. When a key fob isn’t working, service technicians won’t be able to simply collect a working signal and will instead need to access the car’s internal diagnostic port. This is not something you can perform on your own because specific equipment is required. 

3. New Car Key

In the worst-case situation, a broken key fob will necessitate a complete replacement. The cost of replacing a car key fob varies depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and year. You may save money on replacements by using aftermarket electronic vehicle keys instead of genuine branded items.

You may still have the professional service conduct any programming after you obtain the new key. However, if you do not use an officially licensed automobile key fob, you may not be able to obtain assurance from service experts that the key will function correctly. For example, the aftermarket key may not function properly or may have reduced functionality, if it performs at all.

The only way to ensure that your new key will work is to purchase it from the manufacturer or have a locksmith select goods and program it for you. The more of this procedure you manage yourself, the less expensive it will be in terms of components and service charges. However, some elements and programming approaches are only available to pros

4. Repair the car

When the problem is with the automobile, it is not a key fob that is not working. Depending on what the automobile key fob isn’t performing, your remedy will differ. Is the issue, for example, that your automobile won’t start? This is one of the more serious concerns since it means you can’t take your car to a repair, but you know there’s a problem with the ignition switch/fuse.

If your push-button ignition still works with your existing key fob, your car door lock may be trapped in the lock position. The problem is most likely with your door lock assembly, which is located within the automobile door. The door’s side panels may be removed, and the assembly can be repaired or replaced as needed.

A key fob not functioning includes remedies that are easier to accomplish on your own, but most automobile problems will necessitate the supervision of a skilled automotive expert. An auto locksmith may be able to assist you in some circumstances, but a technician may be necessary if the problem persists after a car door lock replacement.

Using a Locksmith 

A locksmith is your best bet in virtually every scenario of a car key fob that isn’t working. Unlike a mechanic, who would have your vehicle hauled to their garage, a locksmith may come to you. And you won’t have to wait for components you purchased online because your local locksmith should have a replacement key fob on hand.

A locksmith may also unlock your automobile, which is required for any programming. When you don’t have a key, it’s a smart idea to call a locksmith since they can easily make a key from your lock. The most important reason to call a locksmith is to obtain their assistance diagnosing the problem and determining exactly what is incorrect.

Perhaps you will not require a new vehicle key. As previously stated, existing keys can detach from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port in a variety of ways. A car key fob smashed in this manner is not truly broken. In truth, a vehicle key fob that isn’t working due to a programming issue is extremely simple for a locksmith to fix using their skills and training.


Always begin with the most basic answer. The most likely cause of your key fob not working is a dead battery. Only after you’ve changed the battery should you look into more thorough alternatives. When you can’t figure out what’s wrong, I recommend hiring a mobile locksmith to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for you. 

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